TOYOTA GAZOO Racing Outlines Supra Enhancements

Improvements to Feature Upgraded Driving Performance and RZ Stick Shift

2022.04.28 (Thursday)

TOYOTA GAZOO Racing (TGR) is getting ready to roll out an enhanced Toyota Supra with upgraded driving performance and a manual transmission option for the RZ trim level, among other improvements as described below. Plans are in place for starting to welcome customer inquiries this coming summer, followed by vehicle delivery in Japan in the fall of 2022.

Supra (European specification, prototype)
Supra (European specification, prototype)

Ever since its first generation*1 in 1978, the Toyota Supra has earned legions of fans with its faithfully retained front-engine, rear-wheel-drive layout powered by an in-line six-cylinder engine*2. Also, in addition to the Supra having competed in numerous types of motorsports in the past and currently running in Super GT, the Supra-based, race-specific GR Supra GT4 achieved cumulative sales of 50 units by the end of 2021 after roughly a year and a half on the market. These and other achievements have made the Supra a model that can be enjoyed on both public roads and racing circuits.

Underlying the latest enhancements is a further-matured chassis for more-refined driving performance. And a stick shift—driven by strong customer demand and expectations—has been developed for the RZ trim level to complement the Supra’s high-output engine.

Main enhancements

1. Enhanced handling performance and ride comfort through improved steering and suspension (common to all trim levels)
  • Adaptive Variable Suspension (AVS) control and finely tuned shock absorber damping characteristics for improved roll balance and ride comfort
  • Modified stabilizer bushings for improved initial steering response
  • Revised chassis control systems (AVS, electric power steering, and Vehicle Stability Control) for improved overall steering feel and controllability when pushing to the limits

2. Newly available manual transmission (RZ trim level only)

  • Newly developed six-speed manual transmission for the joy of driving powered by a high-output engine
  • Spherical shift knob that is easy to grip and operate from any direction and topped off by the GR logo for a sporty image
  • iMT system for optimal computer-controlled engine speed matched to the driver’s clutch and shifting operations and for automatic throttle blipping when shifting, contributing to smooth and comfortable driver-intended sporty driving
  • Manual transmission-tuned interior sound for generating excitement during acceleration

3. Newly designed 19-inch forged wheels (RZ trim level only)

  • Newly designed 19-inch forged aluminum wheels with revised spoke and cross-sectional shapes for lighter weight and higher rigidity while sharing design flair with the wheels of the GR Yaris and GR86 for improved performance and functional beauty
  • Newly adopted Premium Titanium Dark Silver paint for creating an enhanced race-suited image
  • Weight reduction of 1.2 kg per wheel, contributing to improved ride comfort and handling stability due to resulting reduction in unsprung weight

4. Adoption of three new exterior colors and a tan interior

  • Volcanic Ash Gray Metallic and Dawn Blue Metallic exterior color choices for RZ and SZ-R trim levels and the new matte Avalanche White Metallic color for a limited quantity of the RZ
  • Newly available tan interior as an RZ trim-level manufacturer option

5. Enhanced sound system (RZ and SZ-R trim levels)

  • Improved sound quality through optimal sound tuning of the JBL Premium Sound System

*1 Debuted in Japan as the Celica XX; the Japanese-market first-generation Supra (launched in 1986) was the third-generation Supra elsewhere.

*2 The current Supra is also available with an in-line four-cylinder engine.